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I am new please note...

*Name: Samantha (just call me sam)
*Age: I will be 15 4/20
*How did you find this community? someone had "cross-posted to" and this community was there.
*Why did you join? I thought that this community would be a nice subtle environment for me.
*What are your problems? I am a seriously fucked-up person and i always was.Does that answer it?
Do you hope to improve? Yes if it is even possible.
What kind of music do you like? I like hardcore/metalcore,more darker types of music and a bit of hip-hop, as well as a few rap songs.
Anything else? Yes i have been a cutter scince about seven years old, abused mentally and physically,I have a very short tempered person and because this is the comunity I am a screw-up. I also have known nothing but ridicule, rejection and being betrayed all the time so I find it extremely hard to trust people and i am always cautious of who i am friends with.
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